7 questions to ask your wedding photographer

Finding the right photographer for your big day isn’t unlike finding the one with whom you have decided to spend your entire life.

You’ll be spending the most part of your wedding day with the photographer and it becomes quintessential for you to ask them questions before you decide if they’re the right fit for you.

You might also want to meet them in person if possible or schedule a video session with them to know their personalities. Here are the top 7 questions to ask them before you’d want to jump in and say – ‘let’s do this‘ :

1) How many weddings have you shot to date? Have you shot weddings similar to the wedding I’m having?

This is a great question to ask because this will allow you to understand the experience level of the photographer you are planning to go with. The number of years in business is not really the right way to determine the experience of the photographer, but it is important to understand how they have handled challenging situations in several weddings they have shot so far. Having shot a similar wedding to what you’re going to have can be an added advantage, but experienced photographers can ace any type of wedding without any issues.

2) Do you provide contracts? If yes, will you send me a copy?

There are a lot of newbie photographers that do not provide contracts. With the contracts, both the photographers and the clients are protected as all the details about the deliverable along with the deadlines are written down and signed by both parties. There’s a red flag right in front of you if the photographer doesn’t provide a contract.

7 questions to ask your wedding photographer

3) Do you have any backup plans in case you fall ill?

It is very important to know from the photographers you book about the backup plans in case the primary photographer is ill and is not able to make it to the wedding.

4) Do you have insurance?

This is a very important question often missed by clients when interviewing wedding photographers. Professional wedding photographers carry the right insurance for their business. This is handy when a guest at your wedding trips over the light stand and breaks his arm. Insurance also protects photographers against the theft of expensive camera equipment.

7 questions to ask your wedding photographer

5) What equipment do you use?

While it is not necessary to go into detail about what gear the photographer is using, they should ask them to understand if they use professional gear and have backups for lenses, cameras, and lighting. More importantly, it is very essential to understand how they manage backups.

Understanding a bit of behind-the-scene process can provide a peace of mind to the clients if the photographer is able to assure he’s doing the right things for storing the photos taken at their events.

6) What happens in case of any delays or events running longer than scheduled? Will you continue to shoot even if we pay you extra charges?

Everyone knows that delays in weddings are inevitable and the events always don’t run on the timelines. For such scenarios, it is very important to know if the photographer will pack the bags and leave when his time is up. This needs to be discussed beforehand with the photographer and put in the contract along with the extra charges that will need to be paid for the additional services.

7) What is your turnaround time for the photos?

Every photographer is different and has his/her own workflow to edit the images. Normally, photographers take anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks to deliver the entire set. Always beware of the photographers who would offer you all the photos on the day or within a very short duration from the day of the shoot. Most likely, they will not be edited images or images edited in batches. You should always ask your photographers to show one full set of edited images before making any decision.

We hope the above information was helpful to you in guiding you in the right direction for your wedding day. Please get in touch with any questions that you might have about us.