Instagram and Facebook have been of great aid for businesses for showing their work and also as a window for the clients to peek into the lives of the person behind the camera or brand. The algorithms of these social media platforms keep on altering for good, but it impacts the businesses on how they can reach their potential clients. So Jasmine Star,  a great educator, entrepreneur and a photographer created an Instagram Challenge called #insta180 and #theinstagramplan, which touched base several aspects of how to find the right clients and increase your social media engagement.

Jasmine Star Instagram Challenge

We participated in the challenge and here are the few key takeaways we’d like to share with you all.

1. New Content – We usually post our best photographs keeping in mind what our prospective clients would appreciate, but with this challenge, we learned that it was just not enough. Clients want to know more about your brand, the person behind the camera and what you do in your free time.

2. Engagement Photos of our day to day working, our workspace and our favorite food & drink recipes had our followers to get an insight into our personalities. It generated a way to ask questions and get answers thus increasing the engagement of the post.

3. Meeting new business owners – Running a business from home or studio makes it very difficult for us to meet new people other than meetups or weddings. This helped like-minded entrepreneurs around the world to get connected via this challenge and increasing the activity of the account.

We highly recommend participating in activities like the Instagram Challenge which would churn your creative juices and help you think out of the box. Don’t forget to go have a look at our Instagram and the pictures we shot for the challenge. Do leave us a comment or share if you like this post.