Choose perfect wedding photographer

The process of choosing a “perfect wedding photographer” is like looking for a pearl in the sea bed. It can be stressful to pick one out of the gazillion photographers that match your vibe perfectly. We would like to share a few tips that would help you choose the wedding photographer that you need!

1. Identify and Settle on Style – Before reaching out to someone, do your research on what kind of photography style are you inclined to. Is it documentary, fine art, portraiture, or bold-edgy? Go on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google and look at the picture styles that appeal to you the most. This would help to narrow down the list of options.

2. Personality of the Photographer – Photographs are the reflection of the personality of the person behind the camera. So do not underestimate the importance of choosing a person with whom you would be comfortable on your big day. You would be spending as much time as you would with your guests, if not more.

3. Full set from a single wedding – Do not base your decision on the basis of 2 or 3 pictures you saw on Facebook or Instagram. A portfolio is also not sufficient as they generally are the best of the best photos taken from a mix of weddings. Have a look at a full set of pictures from 2 or 3 weddings. This would give you an idea of the consistency and overview of how your wedding pictures would look.

4. Lead Photographer – There are umpteen photography teams with several shooters on board their team. They generally send their assistant/associate photographers for days other than the wedding day as they are busy with other weddings during the peak season. Make sure that the lead photographer is shooting your entire wedding along with the team.

5. Do your homework – Before finalizing the photographer, do check their social media handles to have a deeper peek into their personality and work ethics. Ask for references of past clients from the photographer you are talking with and discuss with them the entire process from start to finish. If there are no red flags, then you know that you’ve found your perfect wedding photographer.

Let us know what you think. Happy searching!